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Santo is a 2,060 square foot modern Mediterranean restaurant and bar elevated above street level on the southwest corner of a large, new mixed-use development in Nashville, TN. An angular brass element punctures the royal blue façade, creating allure and identity. A lively bar area greets guests as they enter and juxtaposes a calm, composed dining room that elongates towards the kitchen. 

Presented with a tall, raw concrete shell space, the design required a strategy that would both utilize the existing structure and soften the sensory experience. Additionally, as the space is located above the pedestrian zone of the street and remote from any other building entrance, visibility and access were paramount design concerns. The layout of the space had to consider daylight, privacy, and coordination with existing building windows.

The design clearly celebrates raw materials, while adding a thoughtful sense of warmth and abode in its use of wood, brass, tile, and intermittent lighting. Overall the space has an earthy and elegant European feel. Suspended tectum panels and pendant lighting imply a ceiling. Custom tables offer intimate dining with curved wood bases and white Corian tops that need no additional linen. The result is clean simplicity with subtle, refined accents.

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